1960 Honda F1

Honda Formula One cars from the 1960's had to be some of the most beautiful looking race cars ever built. However they were not very successful, having won only 2 grand prix between the years of 1964 and 1968. After the horrible death of Jo Schlesser at the wheel of the RA302, Honda withdrew from F1 at the end of the 1968 season.

This hand pulled letterpress print is made up of the 6 Honda F1 cars that raced in the 1960's. The 1964 RA271, the 1965 RA272, the 1966-67 RA273, the 1967-68 RA300(the nicest of them all), the 1968 RA301 and the 1968 RA302.

• Edition of 8 original prints numbered and signed
• Stamped with SK aka - "The Speedway King"
• Each print is unique from the other
• The size is 13" x 19"
• $40 each including shipping

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